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Content and TalentLMS(003) When creating an online course, content is all you need! Take some time to find out the types of content available in TalentLMS. More than that, this course will give you an idea about how it feels to be a learner in our platform. 0.00 19/07/2022 19/07/2022 3
Employee Training 101(005) Investing in employees can be the smartest decision a business could ever make. In this course, you’ll learn what employee training is, some of the common types, and how you can become a trainer your employees will love. 0.00 19/07/2022 20/07/2022 3
Getting Started With eLearning(004) This course raises some fundamental eLearning questions. What do you need to succeed as an online instructor? What strategies do eLearning gurus practice? By the end of this course, you'll have all the answers. 0.00 19/07/2022 19/07/2022 3
Introduction to TalentLMS(001) Welcome to TalentLMS! Using new software can be more frustrating than starting a show in the middle of the season. Watch this 15-minute video course to get familiar with TalentLMS and get the most out of your shiny new account. 0.00 19/07/2022 19/07/2022 3
Advanced Features of TalentLMS(002) How do you become a TalentLMS super-user? With this brief training on some of the more advanced features of our platform. Dive in and see how you can save time when building a course. 0.00 19/07/2022 19/07/2022 3
What is TalentLibrary?(006) Are you under pressure to deliver great learning? How comforting would it be to know you’ve got a library of quality, ready-made courses to back you up? TalentLibrary gets you up and upskilling your people instantly! In the time it would take to write an email explaining why your training program has cough stalled cough, you could kickstart your program with a selection of courses covering the skills your teams need to reach their full potential. This course covers: • Finding the right eLearning solution • Introducing TalentLibrary • Using TalentLibrary Sit back, relax and discover TalentLibrary! 0.00 19/07/2022 19/07/2022 3
NY Notary Course() New York notary description will go here. 99.00 20/07/2022 01/08/2023 0
Notary Learn(NY101) Enrolling in a notary education program is one of the most effective ways to prepare for the exam, as well as your future career in the industry. At Notary Learn, we offer high-quality training materials, coursework and practice exams to pass the New York notary exam on your first try. Let us help you kickstart your notary career in New York, today. 99.00 06/02/2023 01/08/2023 3