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Do you want to become a Notary but feel overwhelmed by the legal jargon and time commitment? An online course can make learning about the law more accessible and convenient, so you can become a notary public without feeling overwhelmed. Seamlessly grasp complex concepts with our user-friendly online course. By devoting just 10 minutes a day, you’ll quickly progress towards passing the state license exam. 


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Pass the State Exam on the first try. We guarantee it!

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Animated Videos

Learn challenging topics with animated videos. Engage multiple senses through motion, sound, and visuals ensuring better retention of challenging topics.

Fun Engaging Activities

Our interactive learning tools make learning fun and engaging. With activities like flash cards, sorting activities, and downloadable study guides, you'll be able to learn more effectively and retain information better.

Knowledge Checks

Prioritize study efforts, identify areas you need more practice, and stay motivated with targeted knowledge checks.

Practice Tests

Pass the state exam with Notary Learn’s extensive practice test library. Gain access to hundreds of questions and valuable feedback, all at no additional cost.

Flexible Schedules

Move at your own pace through each lesson 


Study anywhere, at any time, using any device

100% Pass Rate

Pass the State Exam on the first try. We guarantee it!

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Customer Reviews

5 Star Review
Their online course is clear and organized. I took the practice tests and my state test, passing both on the first try. Just dedicate time to reading the materials. Thanks, Notary Learn. Highly recommended for Notary license seekers.
5 Star Review
I am now halfway through the course work, and I am very satisfied with the way the education has been delivered and the depth of the content. I expect I will be well prepared for the exam.
5 Star Review
I'm a big fan of the online course! It is perfect for people with busy schedules like me. I can learn at my own pace and access the information I need when I need it. The information is always accurate and relevant, which is essential for my success. Keep up the great work!

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We are committed to providing high-quality, affordable, and convenient education to aspiring notaries. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to become a notary public, regardless of their background or experience.